Creating many innovative leading edge designs they are at the forefront of the "Marketplace" look.

Many new shopping "boutiques" are being designed with added flare, and to create a more enjoyable shopping environment. This comfortable shopping experience presents products in a fashion which increases overall sales, and increased sales of higher ticket items. Now combined with the manufacturing experience of General Refrigeration Inc., Oryx Fixtures enters a new phase of beautifully designed, high-end, merchandisers at a very competitive price. Now many specialty stores are able to capitalize on a new look in merchandisers that were not able to afford it before.

In specialty markets, they are the norm; in supermarkets, they create a focal point to highlight a department or a premium product. The decor and design of departments are commonly made around the look and function of these niche products.

The products can be finished to meet a variety of decors, whether wood, laminate, or metal. The cabinets are all foamed in place and use premium refrigeration components and materials. The most popular finish is the "market" look.

The Oryx line of product was developed as a high end solution to specific needs of specialty markets and supermarkets. They combine style, function, and offer a high capacity.

The line consists of primarily premium finished self serve products that target certain store departments and products, such as Produce, Berries, Cheese, and Deli.